Can you imagine life without your Bible?  Or not being able to read God’s word for strength during a difficult time?  Or not being able to study God’s word for enrichment?  Neither can we.

That’s why during one week in April, Gospel Baptist Church invites members of the BEAMS Bible Ministry Team to our church to encourage us and further explain their ministry.

In short, BEAMS provides missionaries worldwide with complete, hardback Bibles, free of charge.  These Bibles are King James Version in English - or its equivalent in other languages.  To accomplish their goal, BEAMS raises funds through offerings from independent, Bible-believing Baptist churches. With those offerings, BEAMS is able to purchase and supply hardback Bibles for missionaries to give to those who are saved on the foreign mission fields.

To further spread their ministry, BEAMS hosts annual Revivals at Independent Baptist Churches located throughout the USA.  In addition to Spirit-led messages of hope and inspiration, BEAMS will bring shipping boxes filled with Bibles to our church.  We ask that each member take as many boxes as the Holy Spirit leads you.  The boxes are ready to ship by USPS Priority Mail.  They are complete with a shipping label and all you have to do is take them to the Post Office and pay to ship them.

Gospel Baptist Church looks forward each year to placing Bibles in the hands of Brothers & Sisters in Christ throughout the world giving them the same opportunities that we enjoy.  And we especially look forward to your participation in this critical ministry. 

For additional information, click on the link below.


A man uses a pen to help him study an old and worn Holy Bible while other versions and/or translations of the bible are nearby on the wood table.